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Sponges, Wash Mitts & Applicators

Sponges, Wash Mitts & Applicators

Whether you’re simply after a new sponge or two, or need something a little more specific to get a cleaning task done, our range of sponges, wash mitts and applicators here at Euro Car Parts can help.

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Unfortunately, dirt, muck and grime come hand-in-hand with driving - especially when driving in Great Britain. From grit-coated roads in winter to the muddy puddles in… well, every other season, the car’s bodywork is subjected to a fair amount of punishment. If the filth is left, over time, this dirt will only accumulate, and could have an adverse effect on the car’s paintwork. This is why it’s so important to clean your car often, and thoroughly - which can only be done when you’ve got the right equipment to hand. Here, at Euro Car Parts, you’ll find all the sponges, wash mitts and applicators you could need to help keep your vehicle looking pristine. Take a look at our thorough range today, and you’ll even benefit from free UK delivery. Got an urgent cleaning job? Don’t worry - our click and collect service means you could pick your order up from one of over 200 branches later the same day.