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When a steering boot or gasket suffers wear, you may experience difficulty when steering. For high-quality replacements, stocks a huge range of steering boots and gaskets to choose from. Find your perfect fit and explore the range below.

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A steering boot is a rubber sleeve that protects a CV (constant velocity) joint from wear and tear, and a worn steering boots won’t provide the protection the CV joints need. Despite being made to protect CV joints, steering boots are still exposed to the elements, much like any other car part. Subject to rain, wind, snow and salt from the air, your steering boot will suffer cracks and tears over time. Without adequate protection, your car’s CV joints will crack and you’ll eventually need to replace the whole axle. What’s more, the cost and inconvenience of replacing CV joints will be much greater than fitting a pair of new steering boots. It therefore makes much more sense to keep an eye on your steering boots and replace them when necessary. Gaskets play in important role in your vehicle's steering too, and if you’re starting to find steering difficult, your power steering fluid could be leaking. Although the issue could lay with your power steering pump or hose, the most common reason for this problem is a worn steering gasket. If you find the steering gasket to be the culprit, try sealing it. If you do this and the leak is still there, then you should replace it. Here at Euro Car Parts, you’ll find the best steering gaskets available for your car.