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Performance Style Headlamp

About Performance Style Headlamp

You can replace your factory headlamps with a choice of styles to enhance the appearance of your car. Browse our range of headlamps, from the standard factory replacements to a whole collection of snazzy designs.

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For a vehicle to be legally roadworthy its headlights must be in full working order. If your lights have become too dim or the bulb casing has been damaged, you can replace your headlamps with the original factory design (it’s best to replace them in pairs for even wear and consistent output). However, if you prefer you can upgrade your headlamps to refine the image of your car – this can add resale value and is a popular mode of customisation. There is a vast array of different types of headlamp and the design of your car will probably affect the headlamp you eventually choose. The basic styles are (as well as factory) projector, halo, LED and Euro. You can also choose the colour and material of the background detail and lenses of your headlamps. Bulb specification is also important. You should choose a bulb of the same output type as the original factory bulb because the wiring connectors of different bulbs are not always compatible (halogen and HID lights are incompatible). To find the perfect lights for your car, simply enter your registration in the tool above and explore the range today!