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Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Protect your tools from random power spike damage and invest in a series of surge protection products from Euro Car Parts. To see what’s on offer, scroll down and explore the range below.


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Although rare, random electricity surges do occur, causing electronic goods without surge protection to blow their fuses or worse still, break altogether. This doesn’t just impact on your workshop’s efficiency, but can also drastically affect your finances as more money is spent replacing damaged or broken goods. Our range of surge protection enables you to power your electronic items, safe in the knowledge that should a power surge occur, your tools will automatically switch off without being damaged. Our range includes some of the biggest brands out there too - meaning you can rest assured that your new surge protection won’t let you down. Whether you’re looking to buy a simple adapter or a bank of plugs with built in surge protection, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in the range above. Free UK delivery is available across the range, and our team of trained customers advisors are available on 0203 788 7842 should you require any assistance.