Suspension and steering

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Suspension and steering

About Suspension and steering

The suspension mounting in your car improves the link between the chassis and the shock absorber to give a smoother ride. Finding the right suspension mounting components for your car is easy– just enter your reg and select from a range of high-quality products.

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Just a simple component, the small mounting plate itself is one of the most important parts of your car’s whole suspension system and can cause significant and costly damage to your vehicle if it fails. Your car has two or four mounting points, depending on whether it has two- or four-wheel independent suspension. The suspension mounting is attached by a circular metal plate that is bolted securely into place at several points. It is located above the two front wheels, to either side of the motor, and, in the case of four-wheel independent suspension, also close to both rear wheel wells where the mounting meets the suspension. Being the part that absorbs all the bumps and vibrations while driving, the suspension mounting is put under intense strain and can become easily worn or damaged as a result. Symptoms of a defective mount include poor handling, hard or noisy steering, instability when cornering and uneven wheel alignment. A fully functional suspension mounting will improve the lifespan of shock absorbers and other vital suspension parts such as tyres. Checking the mounting regularly is an essential part of car maintenance, and replacing mounts when worn is a small price to pay to ensure the safety and handling of your car remains intact. Replace both or all four mountings together to ensure even wear.