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Tailored Car Mats

About Tailored Car Mats

Prevent dirt and damp from spoiling your carpet with a removable tailored car mat. Made to fit your car’s proportions exactly, our extensive range of easy-clean mats are available in a choice of colours, prints and designs to complement your interior.

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All kinds of messy substances can be brought into the car by passengers and pets – mud, grass, water, snow, pet hair, food and drink. To avoid these things being ground into your carpet, an easy solution is to fit a set of tailored mats to protect your interior. Tailored car mats come in a huge range of shapes and sizes to fit every model of car, and you can even get one made to measure for the ultimate fit. You should select a material to suit your specific needs: rubber mats are perfect for rainy days and the Saturday football run as they can be effortlessly wiped clean; carpeted mats can be vacuumed or even shampooed so are ideal if you have canine passengers; or, for the discerning driver, why not give your car a touch of class with a luxury mat of velour or wool?