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Thermostat Housings & Gaskets

About Thermostat Housings & Gaskets

Internal combustion engines perform best at specific operating temperatures and being too hot or cold can affect a car's reliability. Our extensive range of quality thermostat housings and gaskets will ensure that your car continues to run at its optimum temperature.

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Engine temperature is monitored and maintained by a thermostat, which needs to be protected from the heat of the engine. Automotive thermostats incorporate a small pellet of wax that melts and expands at a set temperature, pushing open a cooling valve when the optimum temperature is exceeded. Due to the precise sensitivity of this design, a quality thermostat housing is essential, as even the slightest crack can lead to extensive engine damage. Often more difficult to spot, old and worn thermostat gaskets can also cause temperature issues within your engine. Quality gaskets are vital for sealing your thermostat and its housing together, safely and securely. We’ve assembled our wide range of high quality thermostat housing and gaskets to ensure you find the right fit for your vehicle.