Tyre Pressure Sensors

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Tyre Pressure Sensors

About Tyre Pressure Sensors

If your car has tyre sensors, it can check its own tyre pressure and will let you know when they need inflating. But what happens when the sensor stops working? At, we offer you a choice of many tyre sensors for your convenience.

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Keeping your tyres inflated at the right level will prolong their life, increase your ability to stop at short distance and reduce the amount you spend on fuel. The purpose of the pressure sensor in your car is to warn you when you need to inflate one or more tyres. A yellow indicator (usually in the shape of a horseshoe with an exclamation mark) will light up on your dashboard to let you know when things aren't as they should. While manufacturers tend to make their own proprietary sensors, there are two main types of pressure monitoring system: indirect, and direct. An indirect tyre sensor is part of the anti-lock braking system and allows an on-board computer to monitor the rate at which each wheel revolves. The computer uses this data to interpret the relative size of each tyre on your car. A direct pressure monitoring system uses pressure sensors within each tyre and sends all of its data to a central control module in your car. Direct tyre sensors are usually wireless. To find out more, please contact Euro Car Parts.