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Voltage Converters

Voltage Converters

Voltage converters, which are also called transformers, change the electrical output of a power source so it can be safely used with certain electronic devices. Find quality voltage converters from Euro Car Parts.

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Voltage converters or transforms alter the voltage of a power source, and can be combined with other components to produce a power supply. They’re often used to power a wide variety of household devices in your car - most commonly phones and laptops, although many other electronics are compatible too. Most car batteries output 12 volts, which won’t work for the purpose of charging your phone. But a converter can change this output to 240 volts or another voltage so that you can plug in smaller devices. As well as cars, they can be used in caravans, boats and at electrical outlets found at campsites. Get great-value voltage transformers that are compatible with a variety of your favourite gadgets and tech at Euro Car Parts - with more than 130,000 products for sale and 200 branches nationwide, we’re sure to have what you need! Order online or click and collect from your nearest store.