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Warning Triangles

Warning Triangles

An essential addition to any car boot, warning triangles let other road users know in good time that they’re approaching a car that’s broken down or had to stop for any other reason. Find value-for-money warning triangles here.

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Nobody wants to think about suffering a breakdown - but it happens to hundreds of motorists every day. Make sure you’re preparing by kitting out your boot with a bright, easy-to-see warning triangle so other road users have plenty of time to avoid your vehicle. Warning triangles are usually fitted with reflective material so they can be easily seen in an oncoming car’s headlamps, and they come with a metal stand so they stay where they’re needed on the road. As well as alerting other motorists to a broken-down car, they help roadside assistance companies to find you when you’re stranded. We sell a full range of emergency equipment for your car boot, including first aid kits, tyre repair kits, high-visibility vests and much more. You never know what the future holds, but you can be prepared for it when it comes - so don't get caught out and place an order for your breakdown kit today.