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Water Hoses & Clips

About Water Hoses & Clips

Old water hoses and clips can upset even the most efficient of cooling systems, leaving engines at serious risk of overheating. Our range of replacement water hoses and clips are affordable and easy to fit on any car.

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Water hoses and clips may be some of the simplest element of your car’s cooling system, but their quality is essential. Connecting the radiator, the water pump and the engine, water hoses complete the coolant cycle, while the clips ensure a consistent coolant pressure. Over time, fluctuations in the coolant temperature can cause water hoses and clips to become brittle to the point that they can split or crack. This can cause coolant to leak, affecting the pressure within the cooling system itself, which can lead to serious engine failure. Different makes and models of car may require certain water hoses and clips, so take a look at our durable, high quality range or simply call us for more assistance and advice.