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Water Pumps & Gaskets

About Water Pumps & Gaskets

Water pumps and gaskets are vital for keeping your engine at a regulated and safe temperature. If either of these components are damaged or don't function correctly, it may lead to irreparable engine damage. Replace yours with a product from Euro Car Parts today, and you can have it installed at one of our trusted garages at a time that suits you with our handy Fit It For Me service.

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When you are travelling on the road, your engine reaches very high temperatures and it is important that it is. Water pumps work by pumping water through the engine from the radiator, which is then recycled back though the coolant system. A water pump gasket works as a seal between the engine and the water pump to prevent leaking, and is fundamental to the cooling process. If your engine begins to leak coolant, it is vital that you get your gasket replaced promptly to prevent further damage to your engine. A visible sign of a coolant leak is a pool of water under your vehicle. Additionally, corrosion and wear with age and use can cause a gasket to fail, which can cause overheating and water leakage into the oil compartment.