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Wheel Arches

About Wheel Arches

Helping to improve performance and protect the inner workings of your vehicle, wheel arches should be kept in top condition and, if damaged, replaced as soon as possible. Take a look at our stylish selection below.

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Although wheel arches might not be the first thing you think of when working on your car, they are actually an integral part of your car’s bodywork. Wheel arches are specifically designed to improve a vehicle’s aerodynamics. When moving, the wheel arches divert the flow of air over the arches. This not only increases grip by pushing the car down towards the road, but also prevents the airflow from entering bodywork where it would become trapped, slowing the car down and significantly reducing fuel-efficiency. Due to their affordability, wheel arches are produced in limitless combinations of colours, styles and materials, and are a great way to get started in customising the look of your vehicle. Our range of high quality wheel arches includes options for every make and model of car, so you’re guaranteed to find the right set for you, whether you’re perfecting your look or replacing like for like.