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Wheel Bolts & Nuts

About Wheel Bolts & Nuts

Keep your wheels securely fastened to your car with wheel bolts and nuts from Euro Car Parts. We have wheel nuts and bolts in all thread and pitch sizes for every make and model of car.

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Wheel bolts and nuts, which are also known as lug nuts, fulfil a crucial role in your car: keeping the wheels on! Available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different vehicles, these simple components ensure your wheels stay securely attached mile after mile. When buying new wheel bolts and nuts, it’s vital to make sure you choose the right size and type. The wrong size could lead to parts coming loose over time, potentially causing a serious accident. These components are sold in different thread and pitch sizes, and the correct one varies from car to car. Your owner’s manual should tell you what size to get – alternatively, you can use a thread pitch gauge to find out. Whatever size or type of wheel bolts and nuts you need, Euro Car Parts can supply them. We work with some of the best manufacturers in the business, so you can be assured that you’re buying top quality at fantastic prices.