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Wheel Bolts

About Wheel Bolts

Although they might not look important at first glance, quality wheel nuts and bolts are an essential part of your car’s safety and security. We offer a wide selection of quality bolts and nuts so you can easily keep your wheels secure.

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The threads on wheel bolts and nuts need to be incredibly fine in order to fasten the wheels of a car as securely as possible. Unfortunately, this means that the threads can become worn or damaged relatively quickly. They may feel irregularly loose or stiff, difficult to remove or even able to work themselves loose, a factor which not only affects the way your can drives and handles, but can easily become very dangerous too. As well as our range of replacement bolts, we supply an extensive choice of bowl/ball seat and flat seat wheel nuts that include competition-quality motorsport nuts and lightweight aluminium nuts. Whatever style or type you need, we can provide quality wheel nuts and bolts that are essential for ensuring your wheels stay where they should be.