Window Regulators and Window Winders

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Window Regulators and Window Winders

About Window Regulators and Window Winders

Replacement window regulators or winders are often required when components wear out due to use, or get broken in an accident. Luckily, our range of window regulators and winders has you covered, and includes models for all types of car.

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In the 1960s, window regulators were operated manually by a hand crank. It was during this decade that the power window regulator was invented and it rapidly gained popularity. Using the same basic design as the manual regulator, a small electric motor was attached instead of using the crank mechanism. If your window is not moving, there may be a number of reasons for the problem. It may be that the electric motor itself is the issue, or it may be a fault with the scissor-pulley system attached. Window regulators and winders are important for the safety of you and your vehicle. Many older vehicles do not have air conditioning, so it is important that you - or anyone you are travelling with - do not overheat in hot weather. It is also important to replace your regulator if the window is stuck open to prevent the theft of your vehicle or possessions left unsupervised inside.