Wiper Arm and Wiper Motor

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Wiper Arm and Wiper Motor

About Wiper Arm and Wiper Motor

To stay safe when driving, you need wiper arms and motors that do their jobs properly. With this in mind, supplies only the best of these components for your car, which should help to keep you safe when driving through a downpour.

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Wiper arms move the wiper blades back and forth on your windscreen to help you see better when driving in adverse weather conditions. The wiper motor provides vital power for your wiper arms. Do your wipers fail to remove spots of water on your windscreen? Does this still happen even when you replace the blades? If so, it is likely that the hinges of your wiper arms are bound by corrosion. While this may be due to age, the issue could also arise if your wiper arms are simply not good enough. This is why we advise making sure you buy high quality wiper arms. Wiper motors use an electrical worm gear reduction system to power linkages, which in turn move the wiper arms. If your wiper motor stops working, the best thing to do is test it with a multi-meter it to see if it is receiving a voltage. If it is receiving power, then your wiper motor may be broken. The best motors will power your wipers for up to 1.5 million wipes. Please contact Euro Car Parts for more information.