Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the Car

Spring is a great time to give your car a thorough clean after it has been left to gather dirt, mud and grime over the winter months. With the onset of warmer weather it is the perfect time for a spring car cleaning session to show off your pride and joy in its full shiny metallic glory.

Check The Weather Forecast

There is nothing more demoralising than setting aside your spare time at the weekend to start cleaning your car only to have the British summer rain ruin your work.

Try to pick a time when the weather is mild and dry. If it’s sunny, find a spot in the shade to avoid products drying out too quickly on your car, leaving behind spots or residue.

Cleaning Your Car

Prepare Your Cleaning Products

Gather all of your car cleaning products, and ensure you have everything you will need – there is nothing worse than discovering that you’ve managed to keep an empty bottle of car polish all winter.

Your basic car cleaning kit should include the following:

The list of cleaning materials is almost endless depending on how you prefer to finish and detail your car, the above are the basics.

Get Cleaning

Having done all of the prep, you now get to choose whether to clean the car yourself and gain the full satisfaction of rejuvenating your pride and joy; OR you could invest in some help and make your children earn this week’s pocket money!

For a full guide to cleaning your car see our post on super-cleaning your car or learn how to clay bar your car, or how to deep clean the inside of your car.

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