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Centre Drag Links

About Centre Drag Links

A crucial part of a car’s steering system, having a functional and reliable centre drag link will help keep you safe when you’re on the road. Scroll down to see the range.

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Connected to both the Pitman and idler arms at either end, the centre drag link (also known as the centre link) is joined to the inner tie rods. The job of centre drag links is to manoeuvre inner tie rod ends such that a vehicle’s wheels turn properly when the steering wheel is moved. If your steering feels like it has a mind of its own, is wandering or feeling generally wrong, there’s a chance that your centre drag link may need replacing. If it fails, your steering could fail – a very dangerous situation if it occurs when you’re on the go. Centre drag links for every make and model are readily available In the Euro Car Parts range. Scroll up, take a look through the quality centre drag links and order with free delivery or click and collect. There are over 200 ECP locations across the UK and Ireland, letting you collect your order as soon as possible.