Lowering Springs

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Lowering Springs

About Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are often used to replace stock springs in a bid to lower the chassis height of the car. It’s important to use the highest quality lowering springs - we stock the best lowering springs available for all makes and models of car.

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The perks of this simple little coil are endless. Lowering springs improve the handling of your car while also reducing air resistance and the risk of body roll - all of which leads to a more comfortable, economic ride. What's more, lowering springs are a very cheap and easy way to vastly improve the look and feel of your car. There is a huge variety available and they can be bought in sets. They come in two basic types – progressive and linear – and with varying ‘spring rates’. However, do use lowering springs with caution. Make sure your suspension is well set up before you fit them, and be aware that lower cars are better suited to smooth roads as opposed to bumpy tracks.