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Gearbox Synchro Rings & Parts

About Gearbox Synchro Rings & Parts

Modern cars will have a synchronised gearbox fitted as standard, preventing the teeth of the chosen gear and shaft from engaging when out of sync. Find our range of high quality replacement synchro parts for all makes and models below.

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With extended use, or as a result of rough or incorrect gear changes, the components of a synchronised gear box can begin to show signs of wear. Precision interlocking is an essential part of the process, so even the smallest chips or cracks can have a noticeable effect on the smoothness and accuracy of your gear changes. If changing gear has become difficult or noisy, or your car keeps slipping out of gear, it might be time for some replacement synchro parts. Our extensive, high quality range includes components compatible with gearboxes in all makes and models of car.