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Column Parts & Couplings

About Column Parts & Couplings

The column parts and couplings in a car’s steering mechanism combine to make the driving experience as smooth as possible. You can find replacement parts for your steering column by entering your registration number in the tool above.

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The steering mechanism in the modern vehicle is the result of decades of research and innovation. Steering columns used to take the form of a long, immovable shaft that proved to be a serious hazard in frontal collisions, meaning many were the cause of hundreds of unnecessary deaths. Today, they are made up of a series of moving parts that are collapsible in the event of a crash. To keep the entire mechanism in full working order, drivers must ensure that all the column parts and couplings that connect the steering shaft to the steering gear are free of corrosion and internal damage, as a faulty steering system can have potentially life-threatening consequences.