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Cam & Valve Train

About Cam & Valve Train

The valve train is a collection of synchronised components responsible for optimising the timing and performance of the engine. Find quality replacement valve train components compatible with every make and model in our comprehensive range below.

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Made up of numerous valves, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters and at least one camshaft, the valve train simultaneously regulates fuel intake, compression, ignition and waste expulsion by opening and closing a series of valves. Synchronised to the crankshaft by a chain, belt or gear array, the processes and timings overseen by the valve train are sped up or slowed down accordingly in order to maximise performance and efficiency. Over time, the movements and consistency of the valve train can begin to slip as parts begin to wear away. Mistimed valve openings, be they early, late, too short or long, can immediately affect a vehicle’s performance and potentially cause serious engine damage. Different engine configurations will use different valve trains, so if you’re replacing yours, ensure they’ll fit by entering your vehicle registration number in the box above or by calling our experts for one-to-one advice.