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Heater Controls

About Heater Controls

Heater controls are the dials and buttons you use to regulate the temperature in your car, providing a simple way to get nice and comfy. If you have to replace your heater controls, never fear – Euro Car Parts stocks the parts you need for a variety of heating systems.

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Heater controls are the interface you use to control your car’s heating system – whether you need a blast of cool air on a warm day, or a bit of heat to warm you up in winter. These knobs and dials provide a simple, intuitive way to reach the temperature you find most comfortable. These components can occasionally malfunction or even come loose, but don’t worry – you won’t need to pack a woolly jumper in your car forever. Euro Car Parts stocks a wide range of replacement heater controls for all different kinds of heating systems, whether your vehicle’s old or new. With 200 locations around the country and a massive 130,000 different parts stocked, we’ve got all the components you need to keep you on the road, whatever the weather.