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075 Car Batteries

We stock over 250,000 quality batteries, including a wide range of the popular 075 batteries. At Eurocarparts.com, we can help you find compatible replacements and spares for your car, meaning you'll never have to reach for the jump leads again.
Whatever car you drive, a reliable car battery is essential. From the initial burst of power that starts your engine to powering your lights and stereo, the battery is responsible for supplying all of the electrical components of your vehicle. Car batteries are able to store huge amounts of power. Starting your engine typically uses only 3% of a battery's reserves, which are topped up by the alternator, only being drawn upon when the car is using more power than the alternator can provide. However, the reliability of car batteries is significantly reduced over time, which can lead to frustrating and potentially dangerous ignition issues. As well as extended use, exposure to heat and deep-discharge, which commonly occurs when lights are accidentally left on, can reduce the life-span and capacity of car batteries by a third. Discharging accelerates the growth of a hard sulphate coat on the lead plates inside most car batteries. This weakens the battery's ability to take on charge, making recharging or jump-starting it a long, expensive and potentially dangerous process. Replacing old batteries and keeping quality spares are some of the easiest things you can do to avoid losing time and money, or causing further damage to your car. Show Less

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