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159 Car Batteries

Find the best 159 batteries on the market here at Euro Car Parts and keep your car running smoother, for longer. Browse our range of lead-acid and calcium-powered examples from leading brands, including Lion, Exide and Bosch.
The 159 batteries available at Euro Car Parts have a length of approximately 234mm-238mm, a width of 127mm-129mm. The standard lead-acid batteries come with three-year guarantees, while the high-end calcium examples boast extended four-year guarantees.

These batteries are recommended for standard cars, although each one varies in terms of specification. The units to look out for when choosing a 159 battery are cold cranking amps (CCA), and amp-hours (Ah).

The higher the CCA, the easier your car will fire up in cold weather. The more Ah a battery has, the longer it will last. Calcium batteries usually boast more power and longer lifespans than their lead-acid counterparts.
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