Accumulators & Receiver Driers

Accumulators & Receiver Driers

Air Conditioning Accumulators

Air conditioning accumulators are used in car air conditioning systems that have an orifice tube to meter refrigerants to the evaporator. An

air conditioning accumulator

is your air conditioning system's main protection against any damage caused by moisture, particularly liquid refrigerant.
Accumulators also remove debris and moisture from air conditioning systems, but their main role is to store excess liquid refrigerant and thereby isolate the compressor from any potentially damaging corrosive acid formed by liquid refrigerant mixing with moisture. Accumulators for any car are widely available at Eurocarparts.com and it is a good idea to replace yours periodically to protect the longevity of your air conditioning system

Receiver Dryer

A receiver drier is used in vehicle air conditioning systems that use a thermal expansion valve. The valve receives liquid refrigerant via the receiver dryer, which separates gas and liquid as its primary role. The secondary purpose of a receiver dryer is remove moisture and filter out dirt from the system.

receiver dryers

are a worthwhile investment as they will help prolong the life of your air conditioning system by protecting it from moisture infiltration.

Receiver dryers

for any car are available at Eurocarparts.com

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