Anti Roll Bar & Components

Anti Roll Bar

An anti roll bar does what it says on the tin - it's job is to help balance side to side movement when cornering and prevent your car from leaning so far over that it rolls. Also referred to as torsion bar, stabilizer bar, anti-sway bar, roll bar or ARB an

anti roll bars

are an important component of the suspension system.
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anti roll bars

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anti roll bars

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Anti Roll Bar Components

Are you looking for anti roll bar components or kits or components to reduce body roll and fine-tune your car's handling? Anti roll bar components for any car are designed to minimise body roll and improve the overall handling of your car. Also known as a stabiliser bar or anti-sway bar,

anti roll bars

consist of a torsion bar fixed to the body of car, attached to the lower control arms of both right and left wheels.

Anti roll bars

are high tensile strength, sprung steel and can also come as cold formed, high strength aircraft-grade steel with adjustment holes and polyurethane or even Teflon bushes.

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