Reservoir & Caps

Brake Reservoir

Modern cars are fitted with a brake reservoir which contains

brake fluid

in reserve. This supplies additional fluid to the brake master cylinder as needed, and contains enough to bring the vehicle to a stop if a leak occurs.

Brake reservoirs

are generally a small plastic tank with an airtight cap and are found under the bonnet. Most cars have sensors on the reservoir to alert the driver when

brake fluid

levels become low. Over time, leaks can develop in the exterior of the reservoir, necessitating their replacement.

Brake Reservoir Cap

The brake reservoir under a vehicle's bonnet must be sealed from the environment to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the

brake fluid

held within. This is the role of the brake reservoir cap, which is generally a small plastic screw cap. Either the cap or the reservoir itself will contain a sensor to keep a check on

brake fluid

levels. Brake reservoir caps can be corroded or otherwise damaged over time, and must be replaced to ensure correct and effective operation of the brakes. At Euro car parts, we have a great choice of quality brake reservoir caps for cars of every make & model.

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