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Carburettors & Parts

Carburettors & Parts

Car Carburettor A car carburettor is a device that blends air and fuel in a car engine. Most modern cars now have fuel injection systems instead of carburettors, but there are still vehicles on the road that use them. Car carburettors are usually located on the main engine block in banks of four, connected to the fuel and air delivery systems. Car carburettors will often need adjusting to ensure that your car runs smoothly. Logon to find  car carburettors for every make and model of vehicle.
  Carburettor Parts
A carburettor is many up of a number of small valves, jets, bowls and levers. The carburettors are normally mounted on the main engine block and are attached to the fuel and air intakes, allowing the right mix of fuel and air to pass into the combustion chamber. The resulting timed explosion fires the cylinders and produces the power your car needs to run. Some of these carburettor parts can be replaced. If you have an older vehicle that uses a carburettor then it is still possible to get carburettor parts for every type of car.
Although replaced on newer cars by fuel injection systems, carburettors are still a common feature of older engines and should be maintained with quality parts to ensure the smooth running of the engine. Show Less

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