Gaskets & Seals

Gaskets & Seals

Car Gaskets

are used to form a seal between important vehicle components. In older engines, these may be made of cork, while more modern

car gaskets

are made of thin metal or carbon.
A car gasket must be replaced if a leak is detected, or when removing or replacing components. The head gasket is a very important example, and is responsible for sealing the cylinder head of the engine. If you are planning to replace any gasket, there is a great choice of quality

car gaskets

readily available at

Gasket Seal


Gasket seals

perform the same function as gaskets and are responsible for creating a seal between two mechanical parts within the engine. Often made of rubber, quality

gasket seals

 are subjected to extreme conditions and high temperatures in and around the engine, and will perish and degrade over time and regular usage. If a gasket seal fails it must be immediately replaced to prevent damage or leakage occurring. They should also be replaced when replacing other corresponding parts. Euro Car Parts stocks a wide range of quality gaskets & gasket seals for any car at best prices.

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