Lenses & Other Parts

Lenses & Other Parts

Car Lenses

Car lenses are the plastic covering over your external car lights. Car lenses have to be reasonably tough and durable to cope with small bumps and scrapes, but also do their job well in reflecting the light.
A cracked

car lens

is illegal if the light from the bulb then comes through a different colour from the lens as would be the case for a brake or indicator light. If you need to replace this part then a great range of car lenses for every make and model are available at

Lenses Parts

The external cover for the car lights are called lenses and are most commonly made from durable plastics.

Lens parts

are normally one piece, but on some car models some light covers may come as two parts.
Some lenses may suffer damage from weathering or get a small crack from a minor bump. In these cases it may not always be necessary to replace the lens as repair kits are available for different colour lenses. Repair kits, quality lenses and

lens parts

for every type of car are available at

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