Professional Polishing Cleaners

Keep your car looking shiny and new by using a professional polishing product. At we stock a range of top grade polishes to apply manually or with a polishing machine. Browse our website to find the accessories you need.
After you have washed your car, finish the job off properly by using a polish to restore your paintwork to its former glory.

Polishes are available in a variety of formulations to suit the paint condition of your car. You can use an abrasive polish to keep your car looking new if its paintwork is already in good condition, whereas a corrective polish may be the better option if you're keen to remove any blemishes.

As well as selecting the polish itself, you can choose how to apply the product and which accessories to use for buffing up the paintwork after polishing. You can polish your car by hand using sponges, applicator pads, microfibre clothes and towels. Or, for an easier life, you can use a polishing machine to give a highly professional finish.
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