Sump Pans & Plugs

Sump Pans


sump pan

sits directly below the engine block and acts as a catchment zone for engine oil which has already been pumped around the engine. This oil reservoir is essential for the operation of the engine and provides vital lubrication to moving parts.

sump pan

being the lowest hanging part of an engine, it is typically the first to be damaged by rocks and other debris thrown up from the road, resulting in dents, cracks and corrosion to the metal. The

sump pan

must be replaced, preferably with quality

sump pans

, when any damage results in a loss of oil. Failure to do so can result in high oil consumption or even engine damage.

Sump Plug

The sump plug is a simple bolt located at the lowest point of the

sump pan

. It allows oil to be drained from the engine when performing an oil change. Often the sump plug will have a stripped hex on the head of the bolt or stripped threads, both usually due to over tightening of the sump plug during a service. It is often recommended to be replaced every 5000 miles.
Because the sump plug is screwed in and out during every oil change and car service it can eventually wear out. It must then be replaced to prevent leakage and enable the oil to be drained out when needed. Quality sump plugs for any car are readily available and very easy to replace. Show Less

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