Wing Under shield & Engine Tray

Wing Under Shield

Also known as the inner wing guard, the wing under shield is located just above the wheel. It is responsible for protecting the car body, specifically the inner wing, from mud, rocks and debris thrown up from the road.
Usually made of plastic, inner wing guards is an effective way of protecting your car from cumulative damage resulting from driving on loose surfaces.

Wing under shields

for every make and model of vehicle are readily available, and it is important to fit the right ones to avoid interference with the wheels.

Engine Tray

Engine trays

are not vital to a car's operation, but they do fulfil a number of useful purposes, and if the engine tray has fallen off or become damaged it is highly recommended that it should be replaced. The engine tray sits underneath the engine itself, and protects it from rocks and other debris thrown up from the road, as well as improving the vehicle's aerodynamics and damping down engine noise.

engine trays

for every make and model of vehicle are available and can be easily fitted to provide your engine with extra protection. Show Less

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