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Clutch and Associated Parts

About Clutch and Associated Parts

A car’s clutch disengages and reengages the drive shaft of the engine with precision accuracy, and even a minor malfunction can lead to significant damage. We stock a wide selection of clutch parts to make finding your replacements as easy as possible.

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Transmission clutches are comprised of multiple precision parts that are put under pressure and strain every day. The constant friction on the flywheel, pressure plates and clutch disc can wear away at their surfaces over time, reducing reliability and resulting in the clutch slipping, while the tension on clutch cables can cause them to stretch or even snap. The system’s proximity to the dirt and water of the road can exacerbate these problems, leading to contamination of the lubricating oil and further corrosion issues. If you’ve noticed your clutch slipping or you’re experiencing transmission issues, it’s worth investigating before any serious damage is done. Our extensive range of quality replacement clutch parts has everything you need to fix the problem.