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For jobs when sandpaper and elbow grease just won’t cut it, get an angle grinder for the power you need. We supply top-quality tools from some of the biggest DIY brands - come and see what we have in stock.


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Grinders are an essential tool for a wide variety of projects, both in car maintenance and repair and odd jobs around the house. Easy to use and versatile, an angle grinder can be fitted with a variety of discs for different applications, whether it’s cutting, smoothing, sanding or polishing. Before buying an angle grinder, think about what you’ll be using it for. Smaller grinders are best for working in enclosed spaces or getting at hard-to-reach areas, while larger ones can cover a much bigger surface area at once to reduce the amount of time a job takes. We stock angle grinders, discs and accessories from trusted names in DIY, so you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product that’ll last. Have a browse around one of our 200 stores to get a closer look at the equipment we sell, or simply order online - with a 365-day return policy on all items for peace of mind.