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1/2" Couplings

1/2" Couplings

Couplings are used to join two shafts or pipes together, creating a stable, seamless connection. Find quality half inch couplings from some of the best manufacturers in the business at Euro Car Parts.


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Cars are made up of lots of interconnected components, and couplings are an important part of joining the pieces together. Half inch couplings are made for specific connections of two shafts or pipes, and once attached provide a secure way to link them together. Failing couplings are a common cause of car problems - you might notice vibrations or loud screeching noises if a coupling is wearing out. This may be because the coupling wasn’t installed correctly, or it may be a low quality component that’s worn out with age. Whatever the reason, find the half inch couplings you need to repair your vehicle at Euro Car Parts. With over 130,000 parts in stock, we supply a massive selection of the bits and pieces that help keep you on the road. What’s more, our relationships with suppliers around the globe mean we can provide the highest quality kit at prices you can afford.