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Handbrake Shoes

About Handbrake Shoes

If your car’s handbrake shoes stop working, your handbrake will no longer be able to provide the friction needed to stop your car from moving when parked. For your safety, replace worn handbrake shoes with high quality examples from

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Handbrake shoes are fundamental to your car’s handbrake system. These shoes sit inside a rotating metal drum (which connects to the wheel). When you pull up your handbrake lever, this tugs on cables which force the shoes against the brake drum. This provides the friction needed to stop your car from moving. Handbrake shoes tend not to wear down quickly and are subject to much less wear and tear than your regular brake pads. However, handbrake shoes can suffer from corrosion, especially when exposed to fluids, or extreme weather. If your handbrake is not performing well (or at all), a likely cause is a failing handbrake shoe. Find the perfect replacement for your car here at Euro Car Parts.