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Hose Accessories

Hose Accessories

Whether you’re hosing down a dirty workshop or giving your vehicle a much-needed wash, you’ll find all the hose accessories you could possibly want in the product range below. Take a look and get cleaning today!


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If your washing equipment needs a boost, take a look at the Euro Car Parts range of hose accessories. These high-quality, low cost attachments simply connect to your water hose for super-fast and easy washing, and include simple spray nozzles, brushes, extendable sprayers and multi-function sprayers, plus connectors, irrigation kits and timers that let you clean or irrigate automatically. Whether you need a single attachment for your personal use or multiple accessories for your car washing business, you'll find an extensive choice on offer. Coming from the best manufacturers in the field, you can be sure your hose accessories are hard-wearing and not prone to leakages. Whatever your needs, you can get hold of your accessories straight away thanks to click and collect from the 200-plus Euro Car Parts locations across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or fast, free delivery to any UK address. Browse today for the best deal and enjoy quick, easy washing.