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Performance Downpipe & Manifolds

About Performance Downpipe & Manifolds

Your car’s downpipe connects the manifold to the catalytic converter. The manifold sends toxic gases from many cylinders into one exhaust pipe. To equip your car for the rigours of a turbocharged engine, find quality performance downpipes and manifolds at

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Are you upgrading a standard road car, or modifying your existing turbo to run at a higher boost pressure? Whatever your situation, it would be a good idea to look for parts that can stand up to the increase in pressure, heat and friction from your new, more powerful engine. For both your safety and the efficiency of your turbo engine, it is vital to equip your car with working, high quality downpipes and manifolds. If you're looking for a performance downpipe or manifold for your car, you can be sure to find what exactly you need at Euro Car Parts.