Drive Belt Tensioners, Idlers & Dampers

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Drive Belt Tensioners, Idlers & Dampers

About Drive Belt Tensioners, Idlers & Dampers

Tensioners, idlers and dampers are vital parts of your car engine’s timing control and help it operate at peak efficiency. If you need to replace any of these components, order online from Euro Car Parts.

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Tensioners, idlers and dampers all keep your engine running smoothly by adjusting the timing belt or camshaft so that it’s properly synchronised at all times. Tensioners prevent slackness in the belt, while idler pulleys guide the drive belt and route it around ancillary features like the water pump and alternators. Meanwhile, dampers work with the idler pulleys to help maintain tension and prevent the belt from coming loose. If any of these components becomes worn or fails, it could cause serious problems with the engine. Often, the first warning is a whining or growling noise that increases the harder your engine is working – if you hear this, it’s best to head to a mechanic pronto to get the problem diagnosed. If you need to replace your tensioner, idler or damper, Euro Car Parts supplies durable, top-quality engine components at low prices.