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Torque Screwdriver

Torque Screwdriver

Torque screwdrivers allow you to tighten fastenings to a specified torque, meaning they’re exactly as tight as they need to be. Useful when working with cars and other complex machinery, they’re available from Euro Car Parts at low prices.


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A torque screwdriver is used to screw fastenings to a pre-determined level of torque, making sure they’re tightened a precise degree: no more, and no less. This is particularly useful when working with, for example, a car’s wheel nuts: too much tightening risks damaging delicate components, while too little means the wheel is in danger of coming off. Torque screwdrivers are precision instruments often found in workshops and garages, although they can come in use at home, too. They use a torque-limiting clutch to sense when the desired torque has been reached, and may automatically shut off when this happens. Ergonomic and designed to be used for long periods, our torque screwdrivers are made by top brands, so you can be assured you’re buying a quality tool. Get a great deal on torque screwdrivers and a variety of other precision instruments at Euro Car Parts: come and browse in one of our stores, or simply place an order online with free UK delivery.