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Keep your workplace safe from fumes and excessive heat with our great range of ventilators. Ideal for workshops and garages where hot machinery or hazardous chemicals are used, these ventilators help you breathe easier.


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Garages and workshops can become hot and stuffy when heavy machinery is being used, and when hazardous chemicals are added into the mix, you’ll need a quality ventilator to ensure a safe working environment. When using certain chemicals, such as high-strength solvents, you have a legal duty of care to your employees to ensure their health isn’t endangered by the fumes. A good solution is to install a high-powered ventilator, which produces a strong flow of air, helping to remove harmful fumes from the environment. Additionally, ventilators can just make life more comfortable - enclosed spaces can get stuffy and smelly after a while, and a breath of fresh air can give you an extra spring in your step when it comes to going to work! Find all the accessories and tools you need to fully equip your workshop at Euro Car Parts. With free delivery on UK orders and over 130,000 products in stock, you’ll find us hard to beat!