Valves & Pushrods

Valves & Pushrods

Brake Valve

Also known as the load sensing valve, car break valves control the amount of brake fluid pressure supplied to the rear wheels. This pressure is automatically adjusted depending on the weight carried in the back of the vehicle, such as heavy shopping or passengers.
To maintain effective braking,

car brake valves

must be in good condition, or else either insufficient or excessive braking power may be applied when cornering, negatively affecting the handling of the vehicle.

Brake Push Rod

The brake push rod is used to connect the brake pedal to the hydraulic master cylinder which provides the power for stopping the car. In vehicles with power braking, it is also used to connect the brake pedal to the brake servo arrangement, facilitating the extra braking power provided by the servo.

brake push rods

are often replaced at the same time as other parts of the braking system, such as the master cylinder. At we have a great range of

brake push rods

for any car, but ensure that you use the correct fitment

brake push rods

to be certain of their effectiveness. Call us for better assistance

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