Fuel Tanks & Caps

Car Fuel Tank

For any vehicle to function correctly and efficiently, its fuel tank must be in good working order. Over time and constant use leaks and other flaws can appear, and if these are not repairable it's necessary to purchase a new car fuel tank.

Car fuel tanks

can also be replaced if you need a larger tank to carry more fuel to accommodate a higher powered engine or regularly drive long distances. This option may be limited by your specific vehicle, but a range of quality

car fuel tanks

for every make and model of car are available.

Fuel Tank Cap

The fuel tank cap is an integral part of the fuel system for all vehicles. Usually opened with your car key, the cap is used to keep dust and debris out of the fuel tank, keep fuel vapours inside the tank and protect against your fuel being siphoned off by thieves.

Fuel tank caps

can become subject to corrosion and the lock can seize after a long period of not being opened. If this is the case, it is recommended that you replace it with only quality

fuel tank caps

that will properly seal your fuel tank from the outside environment. It is possible to find

fuel tank caps

for any car, and essential that you fit the one designed for your specific model. Show Less

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