Water Hoses & Clips

Water Hose

Your cooling system has two particularly important rubber water hoses that have the job of transferring coolant around the system. The radiator bottom water hose connects the radiator to the water pump and the radiator top water hose connects back from the engine to the radiator to repeat the coolant cycle. Over time a water hose can become brittle and cracked and need to be replaced.
Defective water hosescan undermine your cooling system and lead to serious engine problems.Water hoses for any car are widely available at Eurocarparts.com.

Water Hose Clip

Are you loosing coolant faster than you should? Is it somehow leaking away and in regular need of topping up? If so you may have damaged or corroded

water hose clips

There's nothing particularly complicated about a water hose clip and they don't cost much to replace. But the clip, often in the form of a spring steel clamp, plays a vital role in creating a tight seal a tight seal between the water hose and the barb to stop coolant from escaping. Browse Eurocarparts.com for a great choice of

water hose clips

for any car or simply call us for better assistance and expert advice.

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