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Bonnet Vents

About Bonnet Vents

Bonnet vents help keep your engine cool by providing an additional source of airflow. Help keep your car and engine in top condition with bonnet vents from Euro Car Parts.

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Bonnet vents, which are also known as bonnet scoops, are an accessory that can improve the performance of a car by cooling down the temperatures around the engine. Some cars are made with them as standard or as optional extras, but it’s possible to install them on cars without them too. Most car engines use oxygen from the surrounding air to burn fuel, but as the engine runs and the air around it gets warmer, it contains less oxygen, making the engine run less efficiently. Bonnet vents create a solution by providing a channel through which cooler, denser air can flow directly onto the engine. These need to be installed in the right place on the bonnet – usually by an experienced mechanic. Find bonnet vents for a wide range of vehicles for low prices at Euro Car Parts.