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About Compressors

The compressor is an integral part of your car’s air conditioning system - creating the energy needed to cool your car’s cabin in hot weather. Quality compressors and replacement parts for every type of car are available in our extensive range.

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Car compressors pressurise circulating refrigerant gas, raising its temperature before condensing it into a liquid. After condensation, the refrigerant is routed through a thermal expansion valve which causes a flash evaporation of the liquid into a gas - an effect that causes a significant drop in atmospheric temperature - which is then carried into the car’s cabin. An integral part of the air conditioning process, your compressor is a sensitive device that can suffer a number of faults. Faulty clutches, valves and hoses can lead to a loss in pressure, whereas the heat and vibrations of the engine can loosen seals and wiring over time. Compressors commonly fail due to lack of oil or if contaminants enter the system and affect the reaction process. Choosing the right replacement compressor, parts or PAG oil for your model of car is essential. Find your perfect part in our extensive range.