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Gauges, Clocks & Knobs

About Gauges, Clocks & Knobs

A car’s gauges, clock, and knobs are the functional elements of the vehicle that usually sit on the dashboard or close to the driver’s seat. Without them you couldn’t change gear, tell the time, or find out information about your car’s operation.

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Located on the dashboard and containing all the information you need to know about how your car is running, a vehicle’s gauges are like its mouthpiece. A quick glance the fuel, temperature, speed and distance travelled gauges can tell you immediately what your vehicle needs, and what actions you need to carry out as the driver. The functional role of the on-board clock, fitted for your convenience, allows a driver or passenger to tell the time while in the vehicle, and the car knob sits atop the gear stick and often indicates, using a diagram, where each gears sits. While each of these car features are operative and practical, and come with most vehicles, it is important to remember that gauges, clocks, and knobs can serve an aesthetic purpose too! If you want to customise your gauges, clock, or knob, we have a range of quality products for you to choose from.